Firefighter Grants Management

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sought expert assistance to manage the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) Program, a multi-year, multimillion-dollar contract that provided grants management support in the delivery of critical financial assistance to first responders.

McKing managed the full life cycle of the AFG program. We coordinated assignment of peer reviewers, developed and delivered peer reviewer training, and managed logistics for hundreds of peer reviewers to attend panel review sessions. Start to finish logistical support also included application preparation, development of online tutorials, award and file management activities, data entry and database management, outreach and mentoring, workshop training for potential applicants, subject matter regional support, and technical writing/editing services. We also staffed the AFG Program Help Desk, where we provided technical, program, and grants management support. We developed a suite of online systems that streamlined grant management and created more efficient oversight of the full grant portfolio. The suite included tools to manage conference registration and travel arrangements, application scoring and peer review feedback, historical grant review activities, collection of commentary garnered from research and development study reviews, and outreach monitoring.

To date, we have staffed over 220 long- and short-term hires, including dozens hired for one grant review cycle for surge staff capacity. McKing assisted the AFG program annually in processing more than 13,000 applications, resulting in the award of almost 2,500 grants worth over $600 million. In addition, McKing has provided secure storage for more than 100,000 grant files and applications. McKing’s stewardship of the administrative and technical grant processes ensured the agency had the resources, tools, and data to seamlessly distribute awards to jurisdictions throughout the nation and make informed decisions aligned with program policy.

Federal Emergency Management Agency
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