Scientific Services

McKing provides a range of scientific services in support of research, program development and evaluation, surveys, data collection tools and publication of scientific data. These services include the use of epidemiological, statistical, behavioral, laboratory and evaluation sciences for our clients. With in-depth skills and knowledge in qualitative and quantitative data analyses and development of protocols to ensure human subjects protection, clients are assured that our work adheres to the strictest agency standards for integrity and reliability.

Epidemiologic/Health Studies

We have experienced doctoral-level epidemiologists on staff who can assist with the design and implementation of various epidemiologic and health studies, including feasibility or pilot projects. We can assist with all types of studies from case control and longitudinal to cross-sectional studies, including the collection of biological or environmental samples. As needed, we can identify and work with specialized laboratories for processing, analyzing and storing samples.

Program Evaluation Design and Implementation

Our staff conducts a variety of projects in evaluation design, data collection and analysis for formative research and program evaluation projects. These services cover the full lifespan of the evaluation – from evaluability and feasibility studies, needs assessments and logic models to data collection, analysis, final reports and recommendations.

Systematic Literature Reviews

Literature review expertise includes training data abstractors, preparing and/or editing abstraction forms, developing search terms and inclusion/exclusion criteria, searching the literature through databases (e.g., MedLine, PubMed, PsycINFO, EMBASE, and Cochrane), summarizing findings, highlighting findings in tables or other requested formats and preparing bibliographies. Staff members who conduct literature reviews have backgrounds in epidemiology, public health, medicine, health promotion, community development, social services, health policy and program evaluation.

Manuscript Development

We can manage the development of scientific manuscripts at any stage – from writing background sections or conducting analyses of data to writing results and conclusion sections. Our expert scientific writers and editors can distill and clarify complex information and polish manuscripts to perfection. When disseminating final products, our goal is to provide full disclosure and impartial reporting, tailored to the needs of the reading audience. In this way, we ensure that findings are used and that the lessons learned are shared. We use single authors or coauthors and provide support in developing peer-reviewed articles, manuscripts, abstracts and presentations.