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Scientific Services

We offer a range of scientific services, including operations research, formative research, clinical research support, monitoring and evaluation, program evaluation, and community-based participatory research. Our expert staff provides in-depth skills and knowledge in human subjects research and qualitative and quantitative data analyses, ensuring that all scientific services adhere to the strictest standards for integrity and reliability. We flexibly design each project to meet each situation and population in the most appropriate manner.

Study Design and Planning

Our study design strategy recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and emphasizes the value of using the best available methodology to achieve the research objectives. We consider existing available data resources, practicality of study design, and resources available to support the study. We use experienced doctoral-level scientists and researchers who are well-versed in IRB and OMB-PRA regulations and can prepare appropriate review packages for approval. We assist with all types of study designs, from meta-analysis and systematic review to case control and cross-sectional studies and randomized controlled trials.

Biobanking and Specimen Transfer

From participant recruitment to specimen collection to specimen analysis, we can assist with the full life cycle of biobanking and specimen analysis in support of public health and clinical research programs. We can facilitate specimen collection in participants’ homes or through partner clinical sites. We have existing relationships with laboratories worldwide for processing and storing samples or specialized specimen analysis.

Demographic and Population-Based Surveys

Our scientists can lead the planning and implementation of field studies and surveys in both domestic and global settings. Our experts help programs develop survey protocols and program indicators, advise on sample selection, design questionnaires, and analyze data. Our survey scientists can design new surveillance models as well as provide expertise on leveraging existing surveillance models for their populations.

Data Collection and Analysis

We have extensive experience with quantitative and qualitative research studies and the in-depth understanding to know which approach is best for the project’s objectives and constraints. We assist with study recruitment and use multiple strategies, including collaborating with community-focused organizations and engaging community champions.  We use a community-based participatory research approach to enhance the equity in all data collection efforts. Our staff is experienced with the most frequently used scientific data storage and management systems. Our doctoral-trained researchers use the most appropriate statistical approaches and techniques for data analysis and presentation.

Reporting and Manuscript Development

We can manage the development of scientific manuscripts at any stage—from writing background sections or conducting data analyses to writing results and conclusion sections. Our literature review experts can train data abstractors, develop search terms and inclusion/exclusion criteria, search the literature through databases, summarize findings, highlight findings in tables or other graphic formats, and prepare bibliographies. Our expert scientific writers and editors can distill and clarify complex information and polish manuscripts to perfection. We use single authors or coauthors to provide support in developing peer-reviewed articles, manuscripts, abstracts, and presentations. McKing can manage the manuscript submission process from journal identification through publication. In addition to manuscripts, the McKing team can assist with the development of similar reports for data dissemination and data translation.

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Copyright 2024 McKing Corporation. All Rights Reserved.