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Communication Marketing

We lead the translation of scientific information, policy, and evidence-based research into highly creative, innovative educational and behavioral change tools and resources for the public, key stakeholders, congressional leaders, and public health partners. Underpinning our communication and marketing work is our commitment to advancing health equity to ensure our tools and products help important information reach a wide range of audiences, including those with varying levels of health literacy and non-native English language speakers. We are strongly committed to supporting initiatives and policies that improve quality of life for those experiencing outsized health burdens.

Communications Research and Planning

McKing has demonstrated experience and capability to provide the right expertise to implement communications research, planning, and evaluation that enhances reach and engagement to myriad populations. We conduct environmental scans and literature reviews of emerging research and best practices to provide recommendations for driving behavior change and improving the efficacy of campaigns. We develop results-oriented social marketing and strategic communications initiatives, and our content developers have a wide range of skills and expertise producing communications products in both international and domestic settings, including research symposiums, policy arenas, and digital technology—all across diverse audiences.

Strategic Communications Planning

We believe strategic communications planning is the appropriate mix of creativity and research, which are each needed for successful and impactful communications and marketing activities. We help our customers clearly identify their communication goals, delineate key goals and objectives, and develop an evaluation framework. We provide expert guidance for gathering situational information needed to provide contextual awareness, audience research and insights, materials development, tactical implementation activities, and insights for optimal dissemination channels.

Digital Design and Creative Experience

We understand that humans are built to process content visually; only 20% of people remember what they read, while 80% recall what they see and do. To that end, we create highly compelling content for use across a wide spectrum of channels—including digital, social media, print, web, and video—to drive public engagement and maximize our clients’ work. Our award-winning design and creative services teams focus on developing visually compelling designs by using carefully plotted design elements to create visual representation of the idea and imagination. Our production experience ranges from developing animated graphics and gifs to producing fully scripted videos recorded on soundstages and in production studios. All our design work is tightly focused on the audience and uses best practices such as cultural sensitivity and appropriate reading level.

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Copyright 2024 McKing Corporation. All Rights Reserved.