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Program Management

We are prepared to help you determine the strategies, plans, systems, and tools needed to build and grow efficient, science-based, impactful organizations, and to guide that growth strategically—keeping your beneficiaries and stakeholders top of mind.

Strategic Leadership

We help our clients assess opportunities for strengthening organizational accountability, effectiveness, and resiliency and develop strategies and plans for optimizing public health impact.  McKing is also prepared to help you better engage, manage, and support your governing and other advisory boards, partners and stakeholders, and your beneficiaries.

Management Consulting

We help our clients meet today’s management challenges by providing technical support in diverse areas, including auditing and reviews of resource management systems and processes, risk management and mitigation, strategic workforce and performance management planning, and leadership development.


We design training services in a results-oriented format to meet the individual needs of each client. Our trainers work with clients to determine the course outline and choose the most effective teaching methods. We provide both on-site and off-site training programs, and we can provide interactive distance learning and instructional workshops unrestricted by time, walls, distance, or location.

Grant Management and Support

We provide innovative grant program management and support services from start to finish, including logistical support through the grant application process. Experienced staff members handle all grant management and support activities, applying exceptional quality control in managing processes and files.

Resource Management Services Support

We provide technical assistance and staff for servicing the full range of resource management support needs, including project management, financial management, accounting and reporting, program activity monitoring and results reporting, workforce management systems, procurement and travel, inventory control, event management, and other administrative support services.

Health Solutions

We help organizations explore opportunities for enhancing and sustaining service delivery by bringing together public and private sector partners to develop customized solutions for meeting ongoing challenges, transform disease monitoring and surveillance activities by packaging and facilitating the application of proven digital tools to existing systems, and identify and support organizations working to achieve financial self-sufficiency and long-term viability.

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Copyright 2024 McKing Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2024 McKing Corporation. All Rights Reserved.