Communication Support for Tuberculosis Communication and Education Initiatives

The Need:
Personal stories told through digital media have become an increasingly effective health communication tool to engage audiences, promote positive health behaviors, and share information about effective health programs. In their mission to prevent, control, and eventually eliminate tuberculosis (TB) in the United States, the Division of Tuberculosis Elimination (DTBE) sought a contractor who could engage selected TB survivors, offer them messaging support, film them sharing their stories, and edit those stories for use on DTBE’s website and social media channels. In an attempt to counteract unequal TB disease burden, particularly in hard-to-reach and immigrant communities, there was an additional need to produce personal stories in other languages such as Spanish or Vietnamese. These videos could also be leveraged in the future for global eradication efforts.

McKing has provided HD video production, animation and digital photography support to DTBE, producing videos that highlight various aspects of TB (from diagnosis through treatment), focusing on survivors and their increased need for support throughout the lengthy treatment process. The TB Personal Stories shine a light on the personal experiences of both TB survivors and those working to control TB.

Division of Tuberculosis Elimination
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Communications and Marketing, Content Development
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