Micronutrient Malnutrition Prevention and Control Program

The Need:

Organizations frequently need ongoing support in multiple technical, administrative and program areas. Such was the case for the Food Fortification Initiative (FFI), an international partnership working to improve health by fortification in industrial grain mills, through the International Micronutrient Malnutrition Prevention and Control Program (IMMPaCt).

How We Helped:

McKing provides ongoing program support, and management and technical support. We manage all FFI digital communication activities, including intranet and extranet website assets, online newsletters, press releases, and social media outreach on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Staff facilitates communication planning with subject matter experts (SMEs) and FFI partners, curates topics for discussion on social media, monitors reach and usage, and addresses any social media comments or questions to maximize FFI benefits to nutrient information consumers. SMEs advise Ministries of Health on policy changes that can be made to address nutritional deficiencies in their countries and increase the public health impact of national flour and rice fortification programs. SMEs lead development of FFI’s strategic plan and monitor progress toward indicators. SMEs also supervise graduate students in the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University who consistently gather data to update FFI’s database on global grain fortification practices.


  • Website Traffic: FFI website use has increased each year since 2013 as measured by the number of sessions (when a person comes to the website). In comparison to the 2013 baseline value (17,919 sessions), the number of website sessions has more than doubled in 2017 (43,819 sessions).
  • Thought Leadership: In addition to online communications, SMEs have demonstrated thought leadership in the field of global food fortification. The SMEs consistently have material published in external documents such as peer-reviewed journal and industry publications. The work is regularly cited in media articles and academic journals, as evidenced in manual literature reviews and searches of Google Academic Scholar.
  • Global Fortification Practices: The most popular feature of the FFI website is consistently the profiles of individual countries. Since July 2015, these profiles accounted for 26 percent of the FFI website total page views. Among the data included on country profiles are amounts of grain produced and imported, nutrients included in grain fortification standards, and prevalence of anemia and neural tube birth defects. FFI has been recognized globally for making this information available, and in 2016 two SMEs were asked to participate in a working group to create a database that would include data on salt and oil as well as grain fortification. The working group includes staff from the Iodine Global Network, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, and the Micronutrient Forum.
Food Fortification Initiative
Core Service Areas:
Communications and Marketing, International Program Support
Website and Social Media Asset Management, Integrated Marketing
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