Organizational Assessment of State Level Public Health Program

Project Details






The Need:

The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Section of the Division of Health Promotion (DHP) in the Georgia Department of Public Health (GDPH) awarded a contract to McKing to evaluate the current organizational structure of the MCH Section and conduct workforce assessments of staff strengths and weaknesses.

How We Helped:

We assembled a team of experts with backgrounds in federal, state and local public health program management, organizational assessment and development, and public sector human resources management.  The team conducted interviews with MCH Section staff, public health district staff, Regional Perinatal Centers (RPC) staff, others in DPH, as well as selected partners and stakeholders. Two group meetings were held with MCH staff not interviewed personally, and a confidential online survey was conducted of all section staff to obtain feedback on perceptions of the strengths and weakness of the organization.


Based on the information gathered through interviews, group meetings and the online survey, McKing developed 19 recommendations on the structure of the organization, its staffing and culture, and some of its processes. These recommendations were based on three key principles:

1. Anticipating and addressing changes in technology and the environment in which MCH operates
2. Clear internal and external understanding of staff responsibilities
3. Effective management of human and financial resources