Integrated Conference Management

Project Details






The Need:

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Division of Prevention, Traumatic Stress, and Special Programs (DPTSSP) turned to us for coordination and management of activities related to a variety of national and international program areas, including the following: National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative; Youth Violence Prevention Initiative; Suicide Prevention Initiative; and Mental Health HIV Services Collaborative.     

How We Helped:

Support activities under this five-year contract include technical, logistical and administrative, publication support, and production services. McKing has a team providing support for collaborative efforts with the Office of Emergency Preparedness and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate disaster assistance, community response and other mental health emergency services as a consequence of national disasters or mass criminal events. Specific activities include logistical and coordination efforts; website design and management; support for an average of one dozen meetings annually, ranging in size from small trainings to large grantee conferences; reports and white papers detailing specific State and Territory activities; and quarterly newsletters which support communication among the more than 300 active grants and the public. 


Under this contract, the team has designed and managed meeting websites to include the initial design of a “program home site” for each of the DPTSSP’s program areas.  The program home site contains the list of current, upcoming and past meetings, provides registration capability for upcoming meetings and provides access to all meeting materials distributed at past meetings. Our staff work with the SAMHSA webmaster to post the quarterly Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) HIV Services Collaborative Newsletter. Staff research, write and edit the newsletter, and transfer the content to a format that can be easily converted or loaded onto the SAMHSA website; develop 24 posting announcements to drive traffic to the website; coordinate with the SAMHSA webmaster for listserve management; and monitor traffic to the newsletter each month.